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    The unit of currency is the Qatari Riyal (QR), which is divided into 100 Dirhams (Dh). Currency is issued by the Qatar Central Bank. Notes in circulation are QR1, QR5, QR10, QR50, QR100 and QR500. Coins in circulation are Dh50, Dh25, Dh10 and Dh5. The Dh1 coin is now out of circulation and worth collecting. Qatari banknotes incorporate security threads, as well as special features for recognition by the blind and visually impaired.

    Four countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council ratified a pact in 2009 to establish a monetary union council, a prelude to the launch of the single GCC currency (the exceptions are the UAE and Oman). According to the pact, the monetary council is scheduled to develop into a GCC central bank located in Saudi Arabia, which would be later responsible for the issue of the single currency (possibly by 2015). The exchange rate of the Qatari Riyal against one US Dollar is officially pegged at QR 3.64.

    Banks Telephone Website
    Commercial Banks
    Ahli Bank Qatar 800 2222 www.ahlibank.com.qa
    Al Khaliji Bank 4494 0000 www.alkhaliji.com
    Commercialbank 4449 0000 www.cbq.com.qa
    Doha Bank 4445 6000 www.dohabank.com.qa
    International Bank of Qatar 4447 3888 www.ibq.com.qa
    Qatar Development Bank 4459 6666 www.qidb.com.qa
    QNB 4440 7777 www.qnb.com.qa
    Branches of Foreign Banks
    Arab Bank 4438 7878 www.arabbank.com.qa
    Bank Saderat Iran 4441 4646 Email bsiiran@qatar.net.qa
    BNP Paribas 4453 7537 www.qatar.bnpparibas.com
    HSBC 4442 4722 www.qatar.hsbc.com
    MashreqBank 4480 0480 www.mashreqbank.com.qa
    Standard Chartered Bank 4465 8555 www.standardchartered.com/qa
    United Bank Limited 4425 4444 www.ubi.com.pk